Our Services

One-On-One Career Coaching

Coaching sessions meet the needs of clients, based on where they are in their job search. A jobseeker may want to find a new job, make a career change, create or improve a resume, build a network of contacts, gain confidence for interviews, start their own business or learn to use social media for job search.

2nd Stage Institute – a partnership between

Career Transition Center, Victorious Living System, Vision 21 Consulting, Thespis Media and NEO Innovation

Our purpose is to provide information, guidance and direction for those individuals who are interested in making changes in their personal or professional lives.  We share a belief that there is frequently a desire to start a new stage – but one is not quite sure where to begin or how to get there. We facilitate the process to success.

Monday Morning Jump Start

A Job Club and Speaker Series

Weekly meetings provide jobseekers with structure and clients share job leads and experiences. A career coach facilitates and shares information on hiring trends, job fairs, and open positions. Group members set realistic goals and gain confidence by sharing and working with staff. Monthly guest speakers address topics of importance.

Lunch N Learn Speaker Series at Westlake Library

This monthly program is held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Westlake Library at noon. Bring a lunch or snack and we supply coffee, tea and cookies. This is open to the public and there will speakers from a variety of areas to assist job seekers in life and career decisions.

Job Postings

Local employers, recruiters, and others send us job openings which we post in our LinkedIn “CLE Career Transition Center” group and place in binders for clients to view at the Shaker office. We also post some jobs in our Twitter feed.